Game and Narrative Design

Welcome to my portfolio! I’m Jordan, game and narrative designer. I’m currently working as a Game Designer/QA at Marbotic on educational toys such as Marbotic Letters and Marbotic Numbers, the Little Genius Kit (partnership with Osmo), Smart Shapes, or Sesame Street Numbers, with the beloved Elmo and his friends.

I also worked as a QA Tester and Assistant Localization at Gumi Europe on Brave Frontier RPG and its prequel, Brave Frontier: The Last Summoner. I co-created games such as Way Down or Nahundaar, both student projects that you can find and play online.

What will you find here?

A list of my works, both professional and some made during my game design bachelor. You’ll find a list of the projects below, don’t hesitate to click on them for more information, or go to the Portfolio section.

Still want to talk or know more about me?

You can contact me via this form, or directly send me an e-mail at j.drespincho[at]

If you want to know more about me, go to the About section, or click on my Resume.

Project Name

Marbotic Numbers
Game Designer (2020)
Sesame Street Numbers
Assistant Product Owner (2019)
Little Genius Starter Kit
Assistant Product Owner (2019)
Marbotic Letters
Assistant Game Designer (2020)
Smart Shapes
Assistant Product Owner (2019)
Marbotic x Educo
Assistant Product Owner (2019)
Brave Frontier: TLS
QA Tester / Localization Assistant (2018)
Brave Frontier RPG
Localization Assistant (2018)

Student projects

Way Down
Project Lead, Game & Narrative Designer, Writer (2019)
Game Designer, Additional Programming, Integration (2017)
Sherlock Homeless
Game & Narrative Designer, Integration, QA Tester (2018)
Goblingineers (Tabletop Game Jam project)
Game Designer (2020)